Sunday, April 25, 2021

Why Not Say Yes?

Crystal's message popped up while I was at work. Sneaking a peak, I read "okay...SUPER SHORT NOTICE...who's up for playing hooky and a road trip?" My old self immediately scoffed and had to remind me it's midweek, so I can't go. I have responsibilities. My negative Nancy kicked in, "And even if you could, this place she wants to go is like a six hour drive...with other girls you don't know well. It will be awkward...they probably won't like your back has been hurting..."

But hiking has taught me listen to the other voice. The quieter one. The one that softly whispers, "Why not say yes?" I'm so fortune to be able to take a day off here and there, but I always feel guilty. Why? Because other people have to work. But the gentle voice reassures me I don't need to feel bad. It's okay to say yes. The voice encourages me to take a chance on people not liking me. It's okay if they don't. 

I have never regretting listening to the better voice, and this was no exception. What a treat to not do any of the planning - to just hop in a car and head somewhere I've never heard of. But I had to wonder, how could I have never heard of this magical place?

Crystal had scored a vary hard to get reservation at Oregon's Silver Falls State Park in order to be able to hike "The Trail of Ten Falls" the next day. The eight mile loop was pure perfection (just look at these pics!) but the best part of the trip was getting to know these amazing ladies a little better - and to let them get to know me. So I'll continue to ask myself - why say no, when yes is so much better?
Happy trails...with lots of happy yeses :)

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