Friday, June 5, 2015

The Sweetest of Memories at Annette Lake

Three backpacking trips in five weeks!!! I'm on a roll! Though, spending that much time away from family tends to make one feel guilty, (especially a recovering shame addict like myself) so I was really glad my youngest daughter agreed to come with.

Even more amazing, Summer said she'd be okay with going only with me; but I knew she'd prefer having a friend come along. Melodie and I are newer friends, and our girls are also newer friends--what better way for us all to get to know each other more than to head off into the wilderness! Nothing unites like adversity, right?
One of the coolest log bridges I've seen
Killing time while waiting for the slow pokes

As I mentioned in my last post, adversity also always makes for a better be prepared for a really dull piece, because this trip was pretty close to perfect.
The view from our site...pretty perfect

Only a couple tales of woe; one of which involves using the privy when we arrived. I've used worse, but my daughter was horrified. She started to go into "teen-age freak out mode" (okay, she's always had a freak out mode; but hormones have not made them better, that's for sure) with a "there is NO WAY I'm going in there" tirade. She's not a stranger to squatting in the woods mind you; but being as we were in a parking lot of no less than 40 cars, this trail is not exactly your average "wilderness" experience. I knew how badly she needed to use it, so I did what any good parent in this situation would do...I paid her off. Sorry people, but when all else fails, bribery works; and after four kids, I'm not above it.
One of the sites to the right. Not bad either. (yes, we are stealing wood)
Camp chairs?!?! Melodie knows how to do it right. I'm buying some.

The journey up was not without complaints (I'll admit I sold it as being easy; which it was not) though at a little over half way up Summer saw me struggling and offered to switch for my heavier pack; making me very proud of course.
My amazing hiker girl

Something I will mention here for any of you reading this because your thinking about visiting-- you had better like dogs! I'm pretty sure we saw at least 30 of every shape and size; it was quite an amusing parade. They were all very well behaved...well, all except one. As we were taking a breather and having a snack, one of the procession's canine participants came over to investigate if we had any hand outs. When being denied a treat, Mr. Doggie decided to let us know what he thought of our lack of generosity by lifting his leg to Melodie's backpack! (innocently sitting off to the side) Thankfully the dog's owner had caught up by then and was able to run interference. Then she laughed and said her mutt had managed to mark a guy sitting by the lake who was just minding his own business. I think someone needs to go see a vet for a little "snip snip"... just sayin'. 
Cook extraordinaire 

When reaching the lake, you can go either right or left. There are good campsites in both directions, though be prepared to cross a sketchy log bridge if you go right. (not scary...just busted and therefore a bit challenging to cross; especially if you have a heavy backpack on) We knew we wouldn't be alone for the night, but I was impressed with how spread out and plentiful the sites are, giving a decent feel of privacy. (except for when the parade came marching through in the morning, of course)
Yes, this is the one picture I borrowed from Melodie. Don't rub it in.

Rocking the fire and utilizing every bush
I was going to try to tell the second tale of woe with great finesse, but I'm afraid it's one of those "you had to be there" situations. Besides, I was back at the campsite when Summer fell into the lake, (100% submerged and completely clothed) so I all I know for sure is that according to Lindsey, it's an image that will make her giggle for the rest of her days.
She fell in?!?!? What a shocker

I have no idea what is going on here
The wet clothes were much heavier to pack out

I anticipated sharing a tent with Melodie because I figured the teens would want to be together, but this was one of the sweetest surprises of the trip...not just that the girls asked to bunk with their Moms, but also that they genuinely seemed to enjoy hanging out with us. (a little, anyway ;)) Sure, there was some whining and eye rolling; but there was also those instances when suddenly they became again that little girl who just wants to lay down in your lap. I don't know how many more years I will still get those moments; so I know I can speak for both us Moms when I say every second was immeasurably precious. I hope we both have a few more coming.

These kind of memories do wonders to lessen my guilt over my back packing addiction. I am bringing another family member on my next outing; this following weekend I plan on extending my roll to a fourth trip. I have not had much luck with my past "birthday extravaganza" agendas, but I believe this time will be different. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Until next time!!!

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