Monday, April 23, 2012

Skagit Bay Estuary

It's amazing the things you never knew existed that are in your own backyard.  I've lived here in Skagit Valley my whole life, but I confess, until very recently I never knew what people were talking about when they mentioned Fir Island. This was basically because there's nothing on Fir Island to see. (as far as I knew) Also, it doesn't look anything like an island. (look at the picture; do you look at that and think island?)  Because I now work in a tourist town (La Conner) and deal with tourists who ask "how do I get to Fir Island", I had to look it up. (and wonder, "why do you want to go there?")

I'm still not positive which brown puzzle piece is Fir Island...maybe both?

Last weekend I was introduced to a reason for going to Fir Island--it's a dog paradise!  This was my first hike with a friend, Corinne...another dog person.  I never thought I would EVER label myself a dog person. Never mind that when I was young I had a dog I carried around in a backpack and treated like it was my baby. When she died, I detached from dogs. I decided dogs were a stupid pain the butt, and why would anyone with four kids want to clean up after a damn dog anyway. (Is damn still considered a swear word? They never bleep it anymore...I know because the old man says it every episode of Pawn Stars)

I couldn't believe when 5 years ago I was overcome with the desire to get a dog.  I read everything I could about dogs...I became obsessed with the "Dog Whisperer".  I was going to rescue some poor dog and turn it into the best behaved dog in history. Ha.  

So, after my dog attacked several dogs, I decided she just needed to stay away from other canines. (She doesn't hurt them...she's just extremely dominate. Dog people know what I'm talking about)  Corinne assured me she was willing to chance a dog fight--she wanted to show me the estuary and let the dogs run free.  

Peg and Lexi...BFFs 
When Corinne pulled in to take us to Fir Island, I discovered she was on a whole nother level of dog person. She had a dog limousine. (similar to what my van was for kids back in the day)  A seat for me, a seat for her, and the whole stinkin' back open for the dogs...plenty of room for a cage fight. This was going to be a fun ride.

I'm so glad Corinne chanced this hike with me and my anti-social dog, because I found out she's not the crazy bitch I thought she was. (Lexi, not Corinne!  And it's definitely not a swear word...she is a female dog after all)  The dogs got along reasonably well, and they had an absolute blast running around in the water. It's a beautiful hike to boot--I plan on returning many times. For anyone thinking about checking it out for themselves, just know you have to have a "Discover Pass" to park, and that there is hunting allowed from September to mid March.  Maybe I should train Lexi to be a hunting dog?  Maybe not. 

I just love when people will do stupid poses for me...thanks Corinne! 



    Pets -- from April through July, all dogs and other pets must be leashed on WDFW lands to protect nesting wildlife.

  2. You should check out the trail to Craft Island at the end of Rawlins Road. That is one of my most favorite of all places. Seriously, check it out.