Thursday, April 12, 2012

Padilla Bay Shore Trail

Here is a hike that gives a whole different taste of what the Northwest is all about.  Nobody is going to feel like they are on the set of a Twilight movie on this trail!  One piece of advice if you decide to come here (maybe I'll even call this hiking lesson #14)...use the bathroom facility when you start, whether you think you need to or not. ("Wizards of Ooze"...what a name for a port-o-potty company, right?) Trust me, there is NO place to sneak off to take a pee--and a lot of people use this trail, so your not going to want to chance squatting behind any of the unsubstantial shrubbery. (even a male would have a hard time being inconspicuous)

Just some of the runners and dog walkers

This is such an ideal place to get an easy walk in.  Flat...not even so much as a bump.  I've taken my kids here with their bikes when they were little, and I'd recommend it for bike riding if it weren't for the wind.  I don't care if you get there and it's calm...there will be wind before your done.  And it's strong--I was making just as good progress walking as some people riding their bikes. Which brings me to a funny story. I had my head phones on, (held together with duct there anything I own that my kids haven't lost or broken?) and I was really getting into the music.

My barely hanging together headphones

Now, I have to music is a little less than wholesome. (sorry--but I like good beat) Well, I get a little carried away sometimes and end up singing out loud.  I don't mean just happens. So, without realizing it, I sang out "I'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song"...and then realized a bike rider was right beside me.  And like I said--she was going slow.  Neck and neck, right there, for way too long kind of slow.  Ugh...lesson #15, learn to keep your mouth shut when hiking with headphones.

Speaking of hiking lessons, I broke # 8. (don't hike with your camera in hand)  I figured I would have to have a stroke to fall on this trail, and I wanted my camera ready for when I saw a heron. (I just had to see a heron...this is like heron heaven) Guess what?  No herons...until I put my camera away, of course.  I did manage to get an OK picture before he flew off...but those buggers are tough to get close to!

Can you see Mr. Heron?

About half way through my hike (it's approximately 5 miles round trip) I stopped at a bench to eat my snack. (an apple, fruit leather, and an energy bar...quite an upgrade from the rice krispie treat last time)  Again, it was a bench dedicated to a loved one.  Again, I took a picture...and again, I couldn't find any information on this person.

The bench

This bums me out--I love the idea of knowing the story and appreciating the life that these lovely benches are dedicated to.  If I ever dedicate anything to anyone, I'm going to make sure to have a webpage about their life as well.  And when I die, I would love to have something useful dedicated in my honor...maybe even a port-o-potty. (just don't call it wizards of ooze, please ;)

If your going to make a sign, shouldn't you at least come up with a name?


  1. Just wanted to say good luck on your journey. These are some really neat pics and I laughed pretty hard at the singing blunder. I'm always having moments like that.

  2. Kelly--I knew Kim Sorenson. Did you ever find anything out about her?