Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Little Disappointed in Leavenworth

Where to go in June when you really need some sun? In my experience, Leavenworth never disappoints. Until this time.
Not that it wasn't still a good time. Six people huddling under a canopy during a downpour trying to make scrambled eggs is strangely amusing; but thankfully, that was only part of the fun. 
This was a car camping experience at it's extreme. As we drove into the KOA with our girls and their friends, I could feel the spirit of disappointment in the air. I stayed at this campground years earlier, and didn't remember it being quite do I say it...congested. 
Driving past the rows of motor homes and swarms of children everywhere, I was pretty sure this whole trip was doomed. But once we got settled and made sure we faced the trees instead of the lot of RV's, it really wasn't all that bad. 
This is how we do it!! Who needs a fire pit!
We did our best to tolerate day 2, which we already knew called for rain, because day 3 had a promise of sun; and being it was Father's day, we thought a family hike was in order.
We did not expect to meet Ranger Rick!
Our friends popped over to join us (AFTER the rain passed...punks) so we packed up all our crap and headed to Ingalls Creek, which is only about 20 minutes from town.
Happy Father's Day!

What to say about Ingalls Creek? It is super easy to find, though you do need to remember to bring your NW Forest Pass. (or you can pay the $5 day pass at the trail head, while cursing the fact that you have TWO passes at home in another car) And it's a beautiful hike; although I do have to say I thought some of the trip reports I read had oversold it a bit. I personally would not call "ever changing scenery" a very accurate description. You hike along the creek, and that is pretty much the view you get from start to finish. Admittedly though, we did only go about 3 miles in. It was hard to convince the troupes to keep going when we didn't have a set destination as a goal; so when someone mentioned ice cream back in Leavenworth, any trace of perseverance was out the window. 
A good camping spot, if anyone is willing
Speaking of out the window, that's all I can figure happened to my Neoair X-therm inflatable mattress. (or in this case--out the tailgate) That is the one major disappointment that Leavenworth has left me with...the loss of the MOST WONDERFUL, MOST COMFORTABLE, BESTEST EVER sleeping apparatus on the planet. I know we weren't the most organized when we packed up camp (are we ever?) but there is no way we left anything behind. The dang thing is so compact and round and GREY (WHY make stuff you are using outside grey? Maybe so you can lose it and have to buy another?) that it rolling out the back of the truck and out of sight as we were pulling stuff out for our day hike is the only theory that makes any sense. 
Leavenworth...still a great place to seek the sun, possibly endure a little rain...or go hunting for a $200 sleeping pad in a trailhead parking lot. ;) If you find it, you know how to reach me. 
G'night y'all

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