Sunday, September 21, 2014

Table Mountain

Lisa used to be a non-hiker. She is now converted.

I've only known Lisa for a few years. We met because our youngest daughters are friends. She must have started reading my blog when I wrote a post about taking our girls on a hike a few years ago. (Two years, two months to be exact. It's titled "Park Butte or Baker Lake" if you want to read it) So, I started badgering her to go on a hike with me--not just a hike, actually, but a backpack. I had it in my head that we should take the girls back to the Baker Lake trail with two cars and do the whole 14 miles end to end. Did I mention she had never hiked before? Yeah, well she was sure to mention it every time I asked her.
I'm kind of an annoying friend, I'll admit. I know it wasn't fair to continue to pressure her to go "all in" like that. It paid off though; after two years of harassment, she finally agreed to go on a DAY hike...and it better not be too hard!
Of all the choices in this great state, I picked one of the very few that actually mentions death in it's trail description. (on the Washington Trail's Association page) I somehow overlooked that part when I sent the link to Lisa to read; though she certainly did not. In my defense, the trail "claimed more than a couple hikers" when it was a loop; which it no longer is. Regardless, I understand how that information might jump out at someone who is going on their first hike. 
Of course we made this, why would you doubt? ;)
Though, I have to confess it also says things like "can be dangerous" and "parts are steep and exposed" and "keep your children close" I guess I can't really blame Lisa for being unnerved. I assured her if she was too scared, we would turn around and go down to the Bagley Lakes hike, which I also sent an informational link for her to read. 
Snow angel?

"You mean the baby hike?" she scoffed. ("Easy for little feet", "bring the family", and "easy for kids over four" are a few of the descriptors. I have such devious ways of getting people to do what I want) And so, do or die, Table Mountain it was. 

I could tell Lisa was having some serious second thoughts when I pointed at the mountain as it came into view. "Are you sure that's a hike?" she bemoaned, "hiking is different than rock climbing, y'know". I pointed out the little people seemingly scaling the side of the cliff to assure her it was a hike. It wasn't helpful. 

Hiking Ninja!
After finally finding a parking spot and using the worst smelling bathroom ever, we at last got going. As we made our way up and it was getting steeper, I wanted to reassure Lisa it was safe. So as a group of older gentleman passed us going down, I asked if they made it to the top. (if they can do it, certainly we could!) Yes, of course they made it! 

Standing in line for the bathroom of death;
Tabletop in background

"It's not scary, right", I asked, wanting to seal the deal. "Oh no!" one man consoled, "not until you get to the part that's only this wide (holding hands about 6 inches a part) with nothing but a bunch of loose rocks and a cliff to fall off of"...then he left with a naughty little grin. Sheesh, I should have known no man can be trusted when faced with an opportunity to freak a girl out. 

As we passed others, Lisa had fun telling them this was her first hike. "And this is what she chose for me", she'd say with playful ire. "I think she's punishing me for saying no to her backpacking idea", she'd explain. I think she's on to my devious ways. 
Getting to the top was really not that bad. I had chosen wisely after all, because I could tell Lisa was exhilarated and proud of herself; exactly what I was hoping for. The whole thing was a walk in the park for our adrenaline junkie girls, but I know they enjoyed it nonetheless.  
I rock!!!!!

But the best part was hearing Lisa say, "I'm kind of sad it's over" as we were driving home. Baker Lake and your 14 miles of glory; it's only a matter of time.

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  1. Love it! And I love when I can convert someone, too.