Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Congratulations...You've Conceived!

I know I keep talking about this “one night” backpacking trip like it’s such a big deal, but let me try to explain why.  It’s easy for me to talk big about doing these 50 days of hiking, only because I have 7 or 8 years before it actually becomes a reality. (if it ever does, I don’t want to sound too presumptuous.  I’ll explain why I’m not sure about the 7 or 8 years later)

In your first month of pregnancy your not too nervous about that delivery room, because it’s still so far off it does not even seem real.  Except, (in staying with this analogy) before this one night hike I was only considering having a baby.  Thinking about getting pregnant is a lot different than actually getting pregnant, right? (or as Mel would say, “eh?” —she actually thinks that sounds cooler…Canadians.)  So, to me, this “first time” over nighter was like getting pregnant. (sorry if that’s taking the analogy too far…but Mel was very gentle ;)  I really didn’t know if I would come away from the experience and never want to backpack again. (I do have some back issues, and seriously wondered if a heavy backpack would cause a bad flare up)  But finishing that two-day hike, even as tame as it was, (not nearly extreme enough for Mel) gave me permission to really believe “I can do this!”

So my eight years of pregnancy has begun!  My plan now is to increase my backpacking trips by one extra day per year, so that by the time I’m fifty I'll have at least a week on the trail under my belt.  Which brings me to explain my quandary over 7 or 8 years before I leave for the East Coast.  If I’m true to my ‘theme’ and do the 50 days in my 50th year, that means I should do the trip when I’m 49—because technically that is my 50th year of life. (think about it, when you turn one you have already lived a full year)  I like that idea, only because it means I get to do my trip sooner, and I’ll have one less year of wear and tear on this already starting to fall apart body.  (whoever said “40 is the new 30” has a personal trainer and a nutritionist…I don’t know how people used to feel when they were 40, but if it’s anything like me, I’m guessing they were also good friends with the ibuprofen bottle) 

But not waiting until my 50th birthday also feels a lot like jumping the gun and cheating.  Anyone reading this can go ahead and tell me their thoughts. (hitting the microphone… “is anybody out there”…the sound of crickets in background) So, next time I will actually write about my trumped up first overnight hike…(I know I’m dragging this out, but I’ll have the whole winter with nothing to talk about)…or maybe not.  I have some thoughts about my hike with Phyllis several years ago that I may need to express.  Stay tuned! (all my 0 followers!)

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